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Professional skills:
  • Javascript
  • Node.JS
  • Coffeescript
  • Angular.JS
Personal qualities:
  • Trainability;
  • High analytical skills;
  • Responsibility;
  • Proactivity;
  • Ability to work in a team environment;
  • Sense of humor ;-);

The Art of Creating Creativity

  • Fist, we pitch you an idea;
  • Then, we help you decide what you want the site to look like;
  • We create the site, we fill it with content;
  • And voila.

Developing a turnkey online store or any other website require an ad hoc approach and extensive professional experience. Our team possesses all the necessary skills and expertise to provide reliable assistance to our clients. Every one of us had a lot of successful projects and now we are working together to ensure that our every client gets the very best solution possible.

How does it work?

Our custom websites, mobile applications and software, as well as elements of corporate identity design or a complete corporate design solutions are perfectly answering their purpose. All these solutions will work for you 24/7 and will get you the real money. It's the precise thing any potential client sees when enters our company's name in a search engine.

Makeomatic's professional team delivers fast but high quality, exceptional service without overpay. We use latest technologies and up-to-date standards that will work for your business. Every project we undertake is unique and benefits from the depth of our experience.

To ensure your confidence in our abilities you can check out portfolio or read about our team members.

Our Portfolio:

Online retail through interactive 3D images.
  • System architecture development
  • Website design
  • Layout design
  • Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • UI/UX

Our mission is to make 3D digitizing as easy as photography

Using 3D technologies is a perfect way for e-merchants to boost their conversion rates and significantly decrease the number of returns, letting customers make right choices and engage emotionally. We believe in the effectiveness of 3D and VR/AR technologies for e-commerce, and this is why we are aiming at making them easy and accessible for everyone.

Browsing experience to online retail through interactive 3D images.

Decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange
  • System architecture development
  • Website design
  • Layout design
  • Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • UI/UX

Our mission is to make 3D digitizing as easy as photography

Learn all about Cappasity Token...

Cappasity AR/VR Ecosystem Scheme --- The Cappasity Ecosystem encompasses participants willing to sell or buy AR/VR and 3D content. The ecosystem consists of supporting elements — the marketplace, blockchain and storage infrastructure. The sandbox area is used as a testing environment for the AR/VR/3D content in practice. AR/VR developers and active community contributors will be supported through dedicated Cappasity token funds.

Delivery Service
  • System architecture development
  • Website design
  • Layout design
  • Development

Shipping abroad — as good as it gets!

Set up an international order, click a couple of buttons and watch your order successfully pass all routine logistic stages, customs clearance, payments of duties and taxies, shipped internationally and delivered to the buyer's doorstep – a lifetime dream of every online-store owner. We've created a product that makes it possible. is a modern global shipping service for businesses. Developed with Angular.js and Node.js on top of Elasticsearch, this service for entrepreneurs integrates into any website or application and provides all the necessary tools for international logistics, on a single platform, including shipment tracking, international address verification, multi-currency transactions, online calculation of taxes and duties and some other features.

Makeomatic's main challenge was to develop a solution for full automation of worldwide logistics. This will considerably reduce international postage and delivery times, ensuring reliability and allowing online businesses to expand their sales geography and ship goods globally.

Currently in alpha-testing, further development of will extend functionality, providing simple restful API. Stay tuned and try a cost-effective international shipping!

Promo Website
  • Website design
  • Layout design
  • Development

Creating a Website from Scratch for a Prestigious Construction and Real Estate Award

"A prestigious award needs a decent website!” – This is the principle the Makeomatic web design studio adheres to. The Records of the Real Estate Market is an online resource devoted to an annual real estate construction and sales award, which deals with all types of real estate; the website features complete information about the award itself, as well as about its organizers and participants.

We used a universal and intuitive scheme for the website to make it interesting and easy to understand for both businessmen and consumers. We highlighted the most important things, added a search bar and divided the information into sections.

We were building the website from scratch methodically, like an experienced developer building a new estate, and this yielded results. Companies can easily understand where they should apply and what application form they should use, while spectators are able to quickly figure out where they can buy tickets and what they should wear to the event.

“We continue to develop the website, regularly updating it and creating new sections. Thanks to Makeomatic, The Records of the Real Estate Market Award is growing and becoming better every day!

Mobile application
Photobot is available on the Appstore
  • App Design
  • Development

A Mobile App Should Be User-Friendly, Useful and Beautiful!

To stand out among others, a multimedia mobile app, especially an app for iPhone, should be extremely user-friendly, beautiful, and useful. The Makeomatic team is taking all this into account when developing its new creation, a collage app for iPhone and iPad called PhotoBot.

Perhaps many people wished they could post a collage consisting of several photos on Instagram rather than a single photograph. Or, make a fun photo mix using photos of their friends. All this is possible with PhotoBot, an app that is being created by the Makeomatic team. The app has an original design and it is very easy to use. And, you will be amazed at the result.

Choose the photos you would like to use for your collage from your albums and PhotoBot will show you different layout options. All you have to do is to select the style of the frame between the photos, its color and thickness, make the corners rounded if you wish, and your collage is almost ready! Add some captions or choose another photo as a background for the frame. The app is still under construction, but it will get even more interesting and useful functions in the future.

Global analytics
  • Website design
  • Layout design
  • Development

A marketing website and a web application for Real-Time data analysis

IntelliSense installs multiple sensors based on the ARM Cortex-M processors at its clients’ facilities. The sensors use wireless technology to transmit data to servers, which make all the necessary calculations. Our goal was to create an app for executives of mid-size and large businesses, which would process the data and display the results in a beautiful and user-friendly way.

Yet another client who approached us, IntelliSense, was from Cambridge. Its order was a real challenge. IntelliSense is a British IOT (Internet-of-Things) company which specializes in water and power consumption monitoring, as well as in monitoring hazardous emissions. In doing this, the company uses state-of-the-art mobile and embedded technologies. Needless to say, we decided right away that we wanted to participate in something that could be really useful for the world as a whole, not only for our clients and us.

In addition to the app, the project had another no less important task: to create a beautiful and presentable turnkey website. The website tells IntelliSense potential clients, in an unobtrusive way, how useful and easy-to-use the company’s products were, as well as how essential they were for any kind of manufacturing facility.

  • Website design
  • Layout design
  • Integration with 1C
  • Double render
  • Single page application

Ecommerce: Helping Business Go Digital

An excellent example of an online store targeting both retail customers and professionals.

We have done a lot to make Fabrika Tepla’s online store fast and reliable, like any good enterprise should be.

You have to choose where you want to go – either to an easy-to-use product catalog or to the wholesale section – right when you get to the “entrance office,” the website’s main page. The rest of the website is designed in such a way that retail and wholesale customers will not have to “meet” each other anymore.

Initially, we set a goal: to create a website for an online store as enjoyable and understandable as possible. To do so, we chose a quiet design, which combines great potential for the selection of professional heating equipment from different manufacturers..

You can find, choose and order the equipment in just a couple of clicks. The store’s product range warms the soul, and everyone can get a little of this warmth.

Geolocation service
  • Website design
  • Layout design
  • Development
  • System architecture development

Talk Openly with speakGeo!

Are you an active citizen? With speakGeo, it is easy and simple to create your own petitions and sign those created by others.

You can support those who are next to you wherever you are! The speakGeo website and mobile apps make it possible to share petitions and sign them in a selected region.

SpeakGeo’s startup is a modern way to say “I agree” to any person by signing his or her online petition. It was not an easy task to build a website and mobile apps that can process petitions and sort them according to location. But we coped with it brilliantly. speakGeo users can see petitions that are somehow related to their location.

People’s opinions can change the world around us, and the speakGeo website helps in making this process quicker! Some signatures can save lives, while others are able to restore justice. At Makeomatic, we simply created something that can help people in these efforts:

Complex website
in development
  • Website design
  • Layout design
  • Development

A Turnkey Website Can Be Affordable!

A website created for openinclude has a simple and clean design. Its main idea is an intuitive interface and nothing unnecessary. Visitors have to take just a few simple steps to get the result.

The website offers three simple steps that make it possible to improve performance of an office or a business by using free solutions of really high quality, in a way that is as easy, informative and user-friendly as possible.

Promo Website
  • Website design
  • Layout design
  • Development

Innovations Are There to Help You Attract New Clients. LiveOne Group’s Website Has Allowed Us to Prove That!

LIVEONE Group is one of the few companies that offer a completely new approach to live video streamings

LiveOne Group is one of the few companies that offer a completely new approach to live streaming LiveOne chose to commission a website from Makeomatic to get their potential clients interested in the effectiveness and usefulness of their products. LiveOne Group’s stylish and extremely simple website reflects the nature of the company’s offering: it is effective, powerful and modern.

The company wanted the design of its website to be a combination of a generally austere style with bright elements and colorful photos.

The resulting website is a really simple and user-friendly means of attracting clients.

  • Website design

Development and Promotion of a Website Selling Sports Supplements for Everyone from Beginners to Professionals

The FitCafe online store turnkey project is an excellent example of what we mean by “an ideal online store,” as the most important thing for online store customers is a user-friendly and simple product search.

Development and promotion of online stores is our main area of focus. In this project, we implemented the most advanced design and usability solutions to build an easy-to-use website for a company specializing in marketing sports and dietary supplements. Usability for all users without exception was the cornerstone of our work on the project, which resulted in a fresh, fun, and user-friendly website.

The search by category that we designed for the website will be helpful for both experienced customers and those who are new to sports supplements. This will boost customer trust in the website and increase the number of visitors and the average number of orders.

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