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International shipping without headache and numb wrists

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Anna Amineva


Overburdened with paperwork, many ambitious and hard-working entrepreneurs across the Globe willing to take their growing business beyond the boundaries of their countries, face spending time and money on filling out necessary documents, obtaining customs declarations in order to ship their products on the international markets. Anyone who had to go through this costly process at least once knows well what a waste of time and effort it is.

In an archaic and complicated world of worldwide shipping, an average small business is forced to spend a lot of time navigating numberless custom rules, regulations and duties of many different countries. It cannot afford to fill out delivery slips by hand for each and every shipment. Big corporations are used to turn a blind eye to paying substantial amounts to lawyers in order to make their international logistics legally compliant. However small online business owners cannot afford to do that. They lack capital and necessary resources to drag their paperwork through the complex world of the international postage. And therefore, they cannot as easily access the global market as the large companies. It stifles their growth and limits their expansion opportunities.

This is where comes in

A start-up called believes the process of shipment should neither be complicated nor should it involve a lot of superfluous documents. This belief drove the company to create a solution to this problem. This startup offers small business owners worldwide – specifically online store sellers – a cheaper opportunity to easily tap the global markets for their merchandize or services. This service would allow a talented designer in Nairobi, where the global logistics is a nightmare, to send her designed jewelry to China, South America, the United States or Europe with a push of a button. aims to simplify the international shipment processing for small business owners. No more filling out delivery slips. No more entering an appropriate custom codes by hand. No more expensive legal advice.

International shipping RESTful API for your company

With, the process is smooth and hassle-free. The company offers an application programming interface, commonly known as an API, to online vendors in order to apply the company’s intelligence for the small businesses benefit. provides REST API’s on a scalable and dynamic cloud platform that enables e-commerce and logistics applications on the web, mobile or desktop flexible access to multiple currencies, international address verification system, affordable international shipping rates with tracking, duties and taxes, and to an international returns management network. All services are offered on the same platform simultaneously. It is easy to use with its simple implementation with API’s and open source plugins. There are flexible API’s purchase plans clients can choose from. The API can easily be implemented with inventory, e-commerce or multi-channel sales applications on almost any platform. will worry about all the regulation, currency exchange rates, taxes, and duties giving a small business owner the opportunity to focus on what he or she can do best, innovating, developing their business and growing their customer base through previously-untapped markets.

Currently, is in beta-testing, offering b2b services between the European Union and the United States. However, in the future, it plans to expand its shipping services to other parts of the world. There is no doubt it won’t take long and the outdated routine of international shipping will undergo a dramatic change it has been awaiting for such a long time.

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