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Smart travelling network for the benefit of everyone

| Категории: Elasticsearch, NodeJS, AngularJS
Eleonora Pavlova

Illustration Smart travelling

Only one week left before we step into 2016. It’s been a productive year for Makeomatic. Not breaking the established tradition, we visited NodeConf in Waterford. Throughout the year our team leaders coached two interns, one of them eventually joined and empowered the team. On a more serious side, we polished and shipped older products as well as plunged into several new challenges. We’ll tell you briefly about one of those and the technical decisions we made on the way.

Hacking the code of international shipping

| Категории: Elasticsearch, NodeJS, AngularJS
Anna Amineva


Addressing issues and solving problems, people and businesses are facing in their everyday routine, no matter how challenging they are, has always been usual practice for us at Makeomatic. But when a client with more than 15 years of experience in international shipping turned to us asking for help, at first we were frozen with shock — we had no idea of how intricate and sometimes misleading the process of worldwide logistics could be. It took us time and effort to investigate this question in great detail and get back to the client with the solution. We proposed a technical concept using new technologies, such as elasticseach, angular.js and node.js. In the end we managed to obtain a simple search engine of Harmonized System codes.